Author Credentials

Dr Patricia Nicholson, PhD, RN, FACORN

Dr Lois Hamlin, RN, DNurs, FACN, Foundation Fellow ACORN

Dr Jed Duff, PhD RN, FACORN

Professor Brigid Gillespie, PhD, RN, FACORN

Carollyn Williams, M Hlth Sc (Nur), RN, FACN, FACORN



The aim of this study was to categorise priority research topics in perioperative nursing.


A descriptive cross-sectional study design was used to identify research priorities in perioperative nursing.

Sample and setting

Members of the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses College were invited to participate in a survey, via email through the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses membership database.


Three priority research topics were identified in this study, including patient safety, management of risk in the operating room and culture of the perioperative environment. With regards to staff well being, bullying and disruptive behaviour were rated as being important and relevant.

Topics such as noise in the operating room, instrument tracking and obesity among perioperative nurses, while rated lower in the relevant and importance categories, have identified opportunities for perioperative nurses to undertake research in order to address these issues and improve patient safety and well being of healthcare professionals.


This study has identified issues that relate to patient and staff safety with many linked to the negative culture of the setting. While a number of barriers prevent the application of best practice standards in the operating suite it is clear that building research capacity is important, not only to demonstrate the positive impact of perioperative nursing on patient outcomes, but also to strengthen the evidence base of the standards and this professional group.

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Delphi panel assessment proforma

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