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Masters of Nursing (Education)- University of New England

Diploma of Acute and Trauma Care Nursing - University of New England

Diploma of Perioperative Nursing - University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Science, Nursing - Charles Sturt University


The pandemic year of 2020 brought unparalleled and swift changes to health care processes within Australia. All registered nurses in the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU) of a regional tertiary referral hospital had to make changes to routine personal protective equipment (PPE) practice to accommodate a safer environment for both staff and patients. Changes to PPE practices included the addition of heat moisture exchange (HME) filters to laryngeal mask airways (LMAs), and the use of Level 3 surgical masks during aerosolising procedures such as extubation and nebulisation. Changes were also made to the structured handover from anaesthetic nurse to the PACU to increase compliance with PPE practice.

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