Journal of Perioperative Nursing (JPN) publishes original articles on all aspects of perioperative nursing care spanning the period from a patient’s referral for surgery through to their discharge and full recovery.

JPN is a not-for-profit peer-reviewed journal published by the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN). It aims to be a trusted source of knowledge for perioperative nurses so they can provide patients with safe, effective evidence-based care.

The journal is diamond open-access which means articles are freely available to readers, and there is no submission or processing charge for authors. Published articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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Recent additions



MBS taskforce fails the pub test
Toni Hains, Catherine Smith, and Rebecca East

Letters to Editor



Hospital costs of post-operative delirium: A systematic review
Md. Parvez Mosharaf, Khorshed Alam, Nicholas Ralph, and Jeff Gow


Development and psychometric evaluation of a questionnaire for measuring distraction due to mobile phone use in operating rooms
Mehdi Hasanshahi, Mahnaz Rakhshan, Armin Fereidouni, Seyed Alireza Moayedi, and Camellia Torabizadeh


Nurse-led randomised controlled trials in the perioperative setting: A scoping review
Judy Munday, Niall Higgins, Saira Mathew, Lizanne Dalgleish, Anthony S. Batterbury, Luke Burgess, Jill Campbell, Lori J. Delaney, Bronwyn R. Griffin, James A. Hughes, Jessica Ingleman, Samantha Keogh, and Fiona Coyer


Patient, surgical and clinical factors associated with longer stay in the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit
Karen M. Briggs, Mari Botti Emeritus Professor, Nicole M. Phillips Professor, Steve Bowe A/Professor, and Maryann Street Dr

Discussion papers


Ergoophthalmological risks associated with dry eye in the operating room
Aslı Nemli Dr., Koray Gümüş Prof.Dr., and Mürüvvet Başer Prof.Dr.

Project reports



The first three procedures that marked the dawn of surgery
Lois Hamlin RN, DNurs, FACN, Foundation Fellow ACORN