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Aims, scope and values


The aim of the Journal of Perioperative Nursing in Australia is to encourage research and disseminate high quality evidence that leads to improved surgical outcomes and advances the safety and proficiency of perioperative nursing and practice.


We publish original research articles, reviews, news, letters and articles that comment on a range of clinical, educational, scientific, organisational and economic factors relevant to the aims of our journal. We welcome research into beneficial clinical strategies which enhance the provision of preoperative, intra-operative, post-operative and perioperative care. We will consider the publication of multi-disciplinary and international perspectives relevant to the aims of the journal.


The Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) values unity, quality, community, communication and innovation. The Journal of Perioperative Nursing in Australia is guided by these values to:

  • prioritise the publication of credible collaborative research that is of a high quality and responsive to the needs of ACORN stakeholders and perioperative patients
  • encourage and support high quality research and dissemination of information among ACORN members
  • uphold the highest standards of scientific publishing with integrity, credibility, honesty, respect and transparency
  • provide a contemporary, accessible, creative, responsive and effective journal which meets the needs of members and stakeholders.
  • Service

    Where possible, the Journal of Perioperative Nursing strives to notify authors of the decision about their article within eight weeks from date of submission.

    The journal is committed to using social media for the purposes of disseminating articles to members, stakeholders and followers. Authors will have access to article metrics to track downloads and citations generated. Authors are strongly encouraged to cite previous ACORN journal articles throughout their work.