Work related low back pain (LBP) has a clear impact on productivity at work. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence and risk factors of LBP among operating room (OR) nurses. It also aimed to identify the disability index among those OR nurses diagnosed with LBP.


This cross-sectional survey was conducted among the OR nurses working at a 2500-bed tertiary care centre with 37 operating rooms. OR nurses with a minimum of one year experience were included. A validated self- structured questionnaire was administered to them. Statistical analysis was done using Chi square test, and p < 0.05 was taken as significant.


Among the 250 OR nurses enrolled, 87.7 per cent were women. Of those, 83.9 per cent experienced LBP at least once during the previous year. Among those with LBP, 72.3 per cent were scrub nurses. Of the OR nurses with LBP 17.4 per cent had used three to four days of sick leave in a period of six months. The Oswestry disability index score reveals that 56.7 per cent of OR nurses with LBP were minimally disabled. The significant risk factors of LBP include improper body mechanics.


The prevalence of LBP among OR nurses was 83.87 per cent. The Oswestry disability index score reveals that 25.2 per cent of OR nurses with LBP were moderately disabled.

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