Author Credentials

Lindsay Bowles BSN, RN

Whitney Heet MSN, RN

Lori Chastain MSN, RN-BC

Jerieka Waterbeck BSN, RN

Martha Monroe PhD, RN

Claire C. Davies PhD, PT


Objective: To examine the effect of the Baptist Health Lexington Urology ERAS Protocol (BHLEX-UEP) on opioid consumption, pain and length of stay among patients undergoing prostatectomy and nephrectomy.

Methods: A quasi-experiment (N=303) was conducted in a 434-bed Magnet® re-designated community hospital in the south-eastern United States of America (USA). Data on all adult patients who underwent prostatectomy or nephrectomy surgery were retrieved over a 19-month period. Group differences related to morphine equivalents consumed, mean pain score on the day of surgery, and length of stay were examined between patients who experienced the traditional recovery protocol (n=133) and those experiencing the BHLEXUEP (n=170).

Results: Significant differences for the three variables of interest were found between the groups.

Conclusions: Results of this study indicate that the use of the BHLEX-UEP for patients undergoing prostatectomy or nephrectomy could lead to a decrease in opioid consumption and patients’ pain and a shorter length of stay in hospital.

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