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Surgical plume poses a risk to perioperative nurses and the perioperative team as a whole, as well as the operative patient. Surgical plume contains various hazardous components which pose multiple health risks to the perioperative staff who are exposed to it. Further research is required in order to definitively understand the risks to perioperative staff from long-term exposure to surgical plume and to advance current policies and procedures. The current practice standard on surgical plume management from the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) sets out methods of reducing these risks. However, this standard’s utility in practice and barriers to its implementation lead to ongoing unnecessary plume exposure. Through adhering to current practice standards and educating perioperative nurses, the risks posed by surgical plume can be mitigated. Thorough education on this topic will empower nurses to advocate for their safety and the safety of their patients, leading to the reduction of surgical plume exposure.

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